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Tips for Exercising During Almeria’s Hot Summer

Updated: Mar 1

When Almeria’s temperature climb high during the summer; exercising outdoors can become not only a challenge, but dangerous too. Even hardy heat-loving, sun-worshippers can get overheated and overwhelmed when the midday sun is beating down.

Long days with lots of sunshine and high temperatures provide more opportunities for everyone young and old go outside and get physically active! Try Rambling along the many local ramblas, power walking, swimming in the sea off Mojácar, Garrucha, Vera Playa and Villaricos, swimming in your own pool, biking around the challenging hills in and around Lubrin and up behind Albox and Taberno or along the coast from Villaricos to Mojácar. Why not invite friends over for an aqua aerobics class with me? And don’t forget that walking the dog counts. Make sure for both of your sakes this done early morning or late evening thus avoiding the worst of the heat!

As temperatures soar, being physically active outdoors can become difficult as it’s easy to become overheated being in the sun all day. The hot summer months also bring humidity to other parts of Spain. And with humidity, body sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly as it does in more arid climates such as those in Almeria. This makes harder for our bodies to release heat.

Tips for exercising during Almeria’s hot summer

Pick your time carefully

Even if live right on the Costa Almeria; lovely Mojácar and tranquil Villaricos try to avoid exercising outdoors in the early afternoon. Aim for early morning or early evening and remember the highest temperatures are usually between midday and 3 pm.

Keep up your fluid intake

Quench your thirst by drinking plenty of water or fruit squash if you prefer before, during and after exercise, even if you don’t feel particularly parched. Take a bottle of water or squash with you if you’re planning a long cycle ride from the coast up to Lubrin, and plan points to stop off en-route to top up with water or squash. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine!

Dress well for the heat

What you wear while exercising in the Spanish sun is important, so chose lightweight, white or light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing. Protect your head from the sun with sunglasses, a hat or golf-type visor and smoother yourself with loads of water resistant high factor sunscreen.

Get your doctor’s advice

Speak to your healthcare expert before starting a new exercise program or moving your workout from your lovely air conditioned home outdoors if you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, other chronic illnesses or any medical concerns. Certain medications can exaggerate the body’s response to heat do it’d important to consult an expert before making this type of change.

Your body rocks

If you start feeling tired or even a little dizzy take frequent breaks in the shade, and drink plenty of water before you feel thirsty. If you’re new to working out in the sun allow time to acclimatise to the heat, some experts say that this can take between 4 to 14 days. It’s high likely that may not be able to work out for as long or as hard as you usually do it’s extremely hot.

Pair up

If you can, work out with your partner or friend for safety, not to mention fun by exercising safely outdoors during Almeria’s beautiful and long summer!

Refuel your body regularly: When you’re working out in the summer months try these healthy snacks:

  • Homemade ice-lollies made from freshly squeezed fruit juice

  • Fruit smoothies made from blended frozen fruit, fruit juice and natural yogurt

  • Chilled fruit such as melon or frozen fruit such as strawberries

  • Cold mineral water with a dash of fruit juice or slices of citrus fruit; lemon, lime, orange or cucumber and mint

  • Cold salads loaded with vegetables, beans, legumes and heart-healthy fish such as tuna and salmon

  • Crisp, chilled raw vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, bell peppers and celery with a light, cool tomato based salsa dip

Want to get fitter before the Summer?

I offer personal and small group training for 1 to 6 people in my private gym studio in Turre. And aqua fitness in your swimming pool. WhatsApp/Text/Call +34 711 03 22 44 or email for more information.

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