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It’s Personal! The Advantages of Working with a Personal Trainer

Let’s face it; starting a new exercise routine can be equal parts overwhelming confusing and intimidating. Whether you have fallen into a workout plateau, stopped exercising altogether or you are completely new to working out. It’s often hard to know where to start, how to navigate the vast array of exercise machines and equipment in a busy gym. However, there is an alternative! Training with me as your personal trainer in my private gym studio in Turre!

The beauty of having a personal trainer like me is that I take all the guesswork out of the equation, which means you just have to turn up at my private gym studio, where all the equipment for your bespoke workout will be ready and waiting for you. Over and above this, you’ll gain peace of mind that you’re not wasting your time with ineffective exercises in a crowded noisy gym, or, worse, putting yourself at the risk of injury by working out alone.

Private gym studio, Turre

There are many advantages of training with me at my private gym studio in Turre over membership with a gym. Here then, are the key differences of working with me as your personal trainer:

Bespoke Personal Training Program

I will create bespoke fitness program based on your individual goals, level of fitness, and health status, which a gym cannot provide.

Individual Attention

I give individual attention to my clients, which is not possible in a gym setting where the staff and in-gym trainers are responsible for multiple members. I offer both individual and small group training of 2 to 6 people.


I will help keep you accountable for your individual health and fitness goal, ensuring that you stay motivated and committed to your exercise program.

Private gym studio, Turre

Correct Form and Technique Correction

I can correct your form and technique, ensuring that you perform each exercise correctly, which can reduce the risk of injury and improve the speed in achieving your results.

Goal Setting

I will help you set realistic health and fitness goals, and provide guidance and support to help you achieve them.

Continuous Progress Tracking: I will track your progress and make adjustments to your personal training plan as required, which gyms cannot provide.

Private gym studio, Turre

Nutritional Plans

I can create personalised a nutritional plan based on your dietary needs and preferences, which a gym cannot provide.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

I can offer lifestyle coaching, helping you make positive changes to your overall health and wellbeing; a holistic approach that you won’t get at a gym.


I can work with you to create a personal training program schedule that suits your lifestyle and availability, which a gym may not always be able to accommodate.

Personalised Nutrional Plans

Motivational Support

I provide continuous motivational support, which can help you stay focused and committed to achieving your individual health and fitness goal.

Surgery & Injury Rehabilitation

I can work with you during injury rehabilitation, drawing on my own personal recovery experience, providing specific exercises and modifications to help you recover and prevent further injury.


I will help push you through your challenging workouts and help you overcome mental barriers enabling you to achieve your fitness goal.

Quicker Results

I can help you achieve your individual health and fitness goal faster than if you were working out by yourself, as I will provide targeted exercises and nutritional plans based on your individual health and fitness goal.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

I can incorporate stress and anxiety reducing techniques into your individual health and fitness program, for example adding in yoga exercises and breathing exercises to your fitness program.

Improved General Health

I can help you improve your general health and wellbeing, not just your physical fitness, by offering lifestyle coaching and stress and anxiety reduction techniques.

The bottom line!

A personal trainer like me can positively impact your life in many ways. Whether you’re struggling to get started or are looking to improve your game having me as your personal trainer, working out in my private gym studio in Turre can be a great resource to draw upon to help you on your way to achieving your health and fitness goal.

For more information WhatsApp/Text/Call 711 03 22 44 or email and let’s shape up together!

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