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Guide to Best Outdoor Workout Locations in and around Turre & Mojacar

Updated: Mar 1

My private gym is based in based in Turre and is a short 10 minute drive from Mojacar Pueblo and Mojacar Playa. I encourage all my client’s to make the most of the local area, by holding their personal training sessions and small group exercise classes outdoors. Naturally, I avoid the hottest parts of the day during the hottest months of the year! Phew!

Mojacar Pueblo – step aerobics bonus

Mojacar Peublo is a beautiful traditional town built high on a hill which has an ‘inbuilt step aerobic workout’ and a pre-personal training warm-up can simply be a brisk pulse raising 5 to 10 minute-walk around the town before meeting me. Whilst Mojacar Pueblo is busy during the holiday season, the large car park by the municipal pool offers a large flat area to meet clients for a PT session or exercise class. There is a further area of hard-standing below the main car park. I bring all the equipment needed for a motivational and challenging workout. Plus, there are some stunning views to enjoy while topping up your vitamin D levels, and burning off a few hundred calories. I have several personal training clients who live in Mojacar Pueblo, and I also work with people just holidaying in this popular tourist destination.

Mojacar Playa – HIIT the beach

Alongside Garrucha Playa and Vera Playa, this is a favourite location to hold one of my small group exercise classes. I encourage my clients to cycle to meet me at one of several locations along this stunning stretch of Almeria’s coastline. There’s a well maintained cycle path along much of the area. For personal training clients who live away from the beach, there’s plenty of on street car parking.

My small group exercise class clients often decamp to one of the many cafes for a well deserved post-workout cuppa! I run high intensity interval training, boot camp, bums and tums, and flexibility balance and strength classes for 3 to 6 people. Again all the equipment is provided, and working out by the sea can be beneficially to mental as well as physical health. All of the beaches featured here are quiet most of the year round, with only July and August when it’s best to workout early mornings, avoiding both the crowds and the heat of the midday sun!

Moving further away from Mojacar, I train with my PT clients by the sea in both Garrucha Playa and Vera Playa.

Garrucha Playa – a personal trainer’s paradise

Of all the beach side locations for my personal training and exercise classes, I think Garrucha offers the prettiest setting. This port town is about 15 minutes drive from where I live in Turre. Again there’s a good cycle path and a decent car park next to the marina. Garrucha also offers some lovely cafes for a post-workout social, including my personal favourite; Paneas Cafe on Calle Mayor. The cafe is close to the marina car park. The beach next to the marina in Garrucha is wide, and quiet most of the year round. Out of season when the beach bars are closed the outdoor seating areas offer a nice firm base to exercise on and are close to the sea. There’s nothing quite like one of my flexibility, balance and strength classes with the sound of the sea. Great for mind, body and soul!

Vera Playa – sports kit optional

Many people will know Vera Playa as a popular naturist resort in Almeria. If my personal training client’s preference is to train without sport’s attire then that’s absolutely fine by me. In addition the beach, there are several naturist resorts in Vera Playa offering great facilities and recreational areas that are perfect for personal training.

Garrucha – My favourite beach for exercise

My mobile personal training and small group exercise classes are available all year round, along the 13km coastal area between Mojacar Playa and Vera Playa. Each area offers something a little different, although my personal; favourite is Garrucha Playa. It’s often very quiet, there are places that offer shade to workout under, and there are excellent beachside facilities including showers and toilets. Plus the cycle path provides easy access from Vera Playa.

Now the sun doesn’t always shine in Almeria, and then there's the summer heat to contend with. What options are there; for my personal training and exercise classes when rain or extreme summer heat stops play outdoors? There are two options when the weather is either too wet or too hot to exercise outdoors in Almeria.

Option 1 train in your home

My mobile personal training and small group exercise classes are available if you live in or close by to one the following areas in Almeria:

  • Antas

  • Bedar

  • Garrucha

  • Los Gallardos

  • Mojacar Pueblo

  • Mojacar Playa

  • Turre

  • Vera

  • Vera Playa

I bring all the equipment and exercise mats with me. All equipment is sanitised before and after use. And this was my personal training work practice long before the word Covid arrived! And if you have the room and you want to host a small group exercise class, then this can also easily been done at your home.

Option 2 – train in my private studio

As you might expect from a personal trainer and exercise class instructor, I’ve turned one of my rooms into a gym studio. I can offer training for 1 to 4 people at my base in Turre.

Want to get fitter and healthier?

I offer a free initial health and fitness consultation by phone, Whatsapp or Zoom to identify your fitness objectives. And you can try any one of my small group exercise classes for 2 to 6 people, or one of my personal training sessions for 1 to 2 people for just €10! Sessions are 1-hour in duration.

Simply Call/Text/WhatsApp 711 03 22 44 or email and start your fitness journey with me!

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